Tim is an actor, director, and acting coach working in South Florida. He is the Producing Artistic Director of New City Players, a theatre company in Fort Lauderdale that stages transformative classic and contemporary theatre. 

He is also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of One County Film Company, a production company that creates films for all places.

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"I was able to get into the college of my choice with a scholarship and I can honestly say if it weren't for Tim I would not have been nearly as prepared as I was."

-Alex J. 


"Tim redefined acting for me...[he] skillfully pinpoints a person's strengths and draws them to the surface. He walks you through your weaknesses with patience and finds inventive ways to get past those barriers."

-Anna H. 


"Tim never gave up, he never settled with 'good enough.' He saw the potential in me and kept pushing me and helping me grow as an actor."

-Steven D. 


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